Alright everybody!!! What you've all been waiting for...this list of NEW services I've choreographed and perfected. And I'd LOVE for you to give me feed back, so don't hesitate to tell me what you think and I'm open for suggestion!

If you are interested in making our session more intense email me while details and I will tell you my naughty upgrades. =)


Two girl full body/sensual touch session

Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to involve on of my favorite people into the art of FBST. Since this is her first week practicing with me I am offing duo sessions. Imagine two lovely sexually empowered women with their hands and bodies all over yours. Nurturing you, alluring you and embracing you with sensual pleasures that will embed memories that won't leave your mind until you decide to let yourself experience it again. Embrace the opportunity as

360 per hour
 540 for 90 minutes.

French Maid Service
Ever been seduced by little blond french maid with a naughty smile and a sexy strip tease? Choreographed to sexy  music experience what it's like to roll play, I'm the vixen enchants you will pure erotic moments that are playfully alluring and exciting all at once. As the session continues into a full body mutual sensual touch, you get to engulf yourself and have I guarantee you'll walk away with moments you won't forget.

190 per hour (tips deeply appreciated)

Contortion session
Curious to see what it's like for a contortionist to stretch for you...naked? Looking to appease this curiosity? If so book a contortion session with me.  Not only do I massage you with my body while contorting myself, but you also get to see my frame in beautiful moves while being free of clothing. (hehe) Also, done to beautiful music, it's highly erotic and I recommend experiencing it at least once, if you have never seen such a sight.This session also evolves into a full body mutual sensual touch meeting that will leave you with images that I highly doubt will leave you mind once we are finished.

190 per hour (tips deeply appreciated)

Pin up, say what?
Ever had a thing for a pin up girl and wanted to know what it would be like to have your own personal pin up girl strip tease? Playful, and sensual all at once experience a session that will not only be captivating but erotic. A full body mutual sensual touch healing addition will never be forgotten in any of these new services, mind you. Come have a hot pin up girl seduce you with a strip tease and make you cater to your pin up girl dream that perhaps you fantasized about...

190 per hour (tips again are appreciated)

Sexy Business woman fantasy?
Ever had a fantasy about a sexy business woman, striping down to her naughty undergarments while giving you a teasing show before getting completely engorged in an experience that won't leave your mind or body for a LONG time. I've been together a lap dance that will guarantee to turn you on and fulfill a fantasy you  might never get to experience again...

190 per hour (tips are appreciated)

*new* Naughty Catholic school girl escape!

If any of you, (including myself) have had the malicious catholic school girl do naughty things to your imagination, then come and experience my catholic school girl theme. Cute, naughty and ready to cater to your fantasy, while stripping from my school girl attire and engulf you with luscious embraces, teasing moments, and and ending that will leave you breathless. Don't deny yourself this unique, theme.

190 per hour (tips again are appreciated)

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